Broc Edwards

“The list of people, particularly Realtors, I’d recommend to others is a very short list, but I’d recommend Jeff Jacobs without hesitation. Over the years, my wife and I have purchased seven houses and sold six in five cities in four states. We’ve had the chance to experience and work with a lot of Realtors – some good and some not so good – and Jeff Jacobs is one of the best.

My wife and I bought and then later sold a house through Jeff and he consistently demonstrated a remarkable knowledge about area, realistic market values, the estimated amount of time it would take to buy/sell our house, handymen in the area, etc. When it was time to sell, his advice about what to fix/upgrade to make it more attractive to buyers was spot on. I was never able to ask a question that he couldn’t answer with pinpoint accuracy.

In every interaction, Jeff was personable and professional and it was clear that our long-term satisfaction with him and our house was his top priority. My wife and I looked at over 30 houses before we made up our minds between whether we wanted a fixer upper or something newer or an older, well-built and already updated house. Jeff was exceedingly patient and supportive throughout the process. Although we had given Jeff a list of houses we wanted to look at, he also did his own search and found our two top choices. He had a better understanding of what we truly wanted than we did and the house we purchased was our favorite of all the housed we’ve owned
Now, several years later, even though we have moved out of the area, Jeff continues to stay in touch, often with a short hand written note. Truly a class act.”